Pixelized: Spymaster


Made a pixel-art version of the main game table in Spymaster, an upcoming strategy game for iOS by PlayRaven. I loved the choice to have the game happen in an underground bunker somewhere, all choices done with chess-like pieces representing your undercover spies.


The thing I enjoy the most about doing pixel-art versions of existing concepts are the details and challenges to make objects look better at those small resolutions. For example the coffee table, while possible to be made at an angle, it wouldn’t look as good.


One cool technique I tried with this piece was using “dirty tools” in photoshop (brushes, and tools that add a lot of colors to the canvas, and are usually a bit no-no when making pixel-art, you want to keep the color count as small as possible and do dither patterns instead) and stacked layers to make the water dither effect.

  1. First I used a white brush to paint the parts where the water would be shallow.
  2. Then I added a dither texture layer on top of that, with a low opacity
  3. Then a posterized layer to index the number of colors, effectively removing all but 3 colours
  4. Then a gradient map layer with the colors I actually wanter


Desktop Background friendly version:



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